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Where do the jewellery come from?


The jewellery is selected on the handicraft markets of Armenia.

All are handmade by Armenian craftsmen.


What is the composition of the jewellery?

The jewellery is made exclusively of 925 silver,
a guarantee of quality and durability.

To give the rings a traditional style and relief to the drawn patterns, some craftsmen use a product that gives a blackening effect to 925 silver.


This effect can be more or less pronounced depending on the model. Over time, by wearing the rings and washing your hands, this blackening can also fade. 


This does not affect the quality of the 925 silver with which the ring is made.


Depending on the acidity of your skin, the same product may also leave slight traces on your fingers the first few times you wear the rings.


Why are jewellery not available in all sizes?

Our jewellery is the result of craftsmanship. Hand-made, they are made in limited quantities. Some pieces only exist in one piece and size, reflecting the exclusivity of Matani Paris jewellery. So you could be the only one wearing some of our jewellery!


How to find my ring size?



What are the shipping terms?

Generally, your order is processed within 2 to 5 days.


Two shipping options:


Tracked letter

Delivery within 2 working days in France

International delivery within 3 to 8 working days

Possibility to follow your folds on

Mailbox deposit

No compensation for loss or damage

France shipping price: 2€

International shipping price: 5€


Letter Delivered Upon Signature

Delivery within 2 working days in France

Possibility to track your letter on

Compensation in the event of loss or damage

France shipping price: 5€


What are the return procedures?

You have the possibility to exchange your jewellery or get a refund within 14 days.


The return of the jewellery is at your expense.

Only jewellery received in its original condition and packaging may be exchanged or refunded.


Matani Paris is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by your return.


How to return your jewellery?


Send us an email requesting a return to

Mention your order number, explain the reason for your return
and the nature of your request (exchange or refund).

We will then inform you of the procedure to follow.

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