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Matani  is a handcrafted silver jewellery brand inspired by Armenian culture.

Behind this initiative we are two: Anna Sardarian and Sevag Koroghlian. Of Armenian origin, we wanted to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of traditional Armenian jewelry, a country to which we are attached.

The project was born from the ambition to promote the glorious heritage of Armenian jewellery
and to export an ancestral savoir-faire while contributing to the local economy.

Handmade by craftsmen and selected on the Armenian handicrafts markets,
our jewellery is an exceptional creation made in limited quantities and offered in ephemeral collections.

Our initiative is intended to be supportive, fair and equitable towards the craftsmen with whom we work.

Several times a year, we go to Armenia to meet them and to compose our jewelry collections that we propose to you.

Matani published in
on December 10, 2020
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